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Things to do at Quality Inn and Suites Flint MI hotel near Bishop International Airport

This Flint, MI hotel is close to various local attractions, including Crossroads Village and the Huckleberry Railroad, the Whaley Historical House Museum, Bluebell Beach, The Whiting auditorium and the Alfred P. Sloan Museum.

Area Attractions:
  • Alfred Sloan Museum- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • F.A. Bower Theatre- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Flint Children's Museum- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Flint Cultural Center- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Flint Farmers Market- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Flint Institute of Art- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Flint Institute of Music- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Mount Holly- 20.0mi/32.2km N
  • Bluebell Beach- 15.0mi/24.1km NE
  • R.T. Longway Planetariums- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Whaley Historical House- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Whiting Auditorium- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Bobby Crim Road Race- 5.0mi/8.0km E
  • Chesening Showboat- 30.0mi/48.3km NW
  • Bronner's Christmas Wonderla- 30.0mi/48.3km N
  • Frankenmuth Bavarian Fest- 30.0mi/48.3km N
  • Prime Outlets of Birch Run- 30.0mi/48.3km N
  • Frankenmuth German Village- 20.0mi/32.2km N
  • Mott Lake- 15.0mi/24.1km NE
  • Stepping Stones Falls- 15.0mi/24.1km NE
  • UAW Monument Park- 10.0mi/16.1km S
  • Genesee Belle paddlewheel bo-10.0mi/16.1km ne
  • Crossroads Village- 10.0mi/16.1km N
  • Huckelberry Railroad- 10.0mi/16.1km N
  • Penny Whistle Place- 10.0mi/16.1km N
  • Genesee Valley Mall- 0.5mi/0.8km S
  • Hadley House Museum- 0.0mi/0.0km S
  • Back to the Bricks Car Show
  • Bikes on the Bricks Motorcycle Show
  • Michigan Renaissance Festival

  • Kroger Grocery- 0.5mi/0.8km W
  • Kettering University- 2.0mi/3.2km E
  • Mclaren Regional Medical Ctr- 2.0mi/3.2km E
  • Ross Medical Education Ctr-2.0mi/3.2km W
  • Spring Arbor University-2.0mi/3.2km W
  • Hurley Hospital- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • GM Truck Assembly Plant 2.0mi/3.2km S
  • ITT Technical Institute- 3.0mi/4.8km W
  • Mclaren Hospital- 4.0mi/6.4km N
  • Buick City- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Flint Institute of Art- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Flint Institute of Music- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Flint Youth Theater 5.0 mi/8.0km SE
  • Mott Community College- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • University of Michigan- 5.0mi/8.0km NE
  • Baker College- 5.0mi/8.0km S
  • Genesys Hospital- 5.0mi/8.0km S
  • Great Lakes Technology- 8.0mi/12.9km NE
  • Longview Planetarium 5.0mi/8.0km SE